£100 Monthly Deeper Stack Event – Luton, Nov 2010

30 Nov

Seven days later and I was off to Luton to play another No-Limit Hold ’em tournament and hopefully take down a guarantee prize of £2,500 for the winner.

Compared to the Genting Players Campionship this was a much smaller scale event with 47 players on a day – 1b – and 92 runners in total, majority of the players being locals and Circus Casino Luton regulars.

Although I was sitting at a male dominated table, it didnt take me long to get involved in their conversations and to feel at ease.
Baltic Blonde
Only 3 hands into a game and on a first blind level of 25/50 I was put in the first tough spot.
I was on the SB holding 9,10 and with two limpers in the pot already I elected to just call. Whereas BB checked and we got to see a cheap flop.

The board comes 10,10,J. Being first to act, holding trips and having 3 players to act after me I just decide to check. BB bets out 100 followed by a quick call from a mid position player and a button. I elect to just call along and re-evaluate my actions on the turn.
The next card comes a blank 6. This time I check with an intention to re-raise. BB and middle man just check behind, however the button quickly bets out 550 of the 600 pot. I decide to re-raise by 1,300k in order to start building the pot whilst giving the good odds for any weaker holdings. However I was in for a big surprise when I get re-popped to a total of 5,200k.

Wow, this is getting interesting now!

At that point i’m thinking that its very likely the guy has a 10 too, although a full house combination and a bluff are also possibilities. I guess A,J and K,J could be included in a guy’s range too.

After contemplating for a while I come to the conclusion that this is just one of those must call situations, especially when taking into account the fact that I still would have had 13k stack behind. In addition, his raise seemed way too big to me, its like he really didnt want a call.
So I call and the river brings a 2. Check, check and my opponent flips over A10 to take down the pot. Ouch!

One hand played and my 20k starting stack is down to 13k now. I will need a strategic change. I was surely going to play more hands and try harder to steal those uncontested pots to re-build my stack!

UTG +1 limps for 50, I make it 225 to go with Q,J when sitting UTG +2 and get a call from BB as well as initial limper. The flop comes 7,9,4 rainbow. I fire 550 into 700 pot representing a strong pair and receive a call from a BB only.
I am ready to fire again no matter what the next card is, as I had a strong feeling the guy was on some kind of draw. The turn brings a lovely Q, which makes my intented bet even easier. I quickly bet 1300 and BB surrenders. whoop whoop:)

We are on a level 2 now and the blinds are 50/100. There is a raise to 325 from a guys who sits on my right and I look down to find AK on the button. As I have been playing rather passive, I just decide to proceed with this image and just call.
The BB comes along and we get to see a flop of J,8,9. Both guys check and with unfavourable flop as it is I proceed to check behind. Turn comes 2, which does not change much and hence the checks from all of us quickly follows. The river brings a K.
Needless to say that made me feel better about my hand and a pot-sized bet seemed only appropriate. I happily bet 700 only to be instantly re-popped to 2,025. Grrrr…has he been trapping me all along or does he have AK too? I call and lose to trip Jacks.
Hmmmm…this is not going so well as I slipped down to approximately 11k.

I do get involved into a few pots and manage only to preserve my current stack before being moved to another table.

We are on a level 5, with blinds 200/400 and antes 25 and I am on a new 7-handed table. I am seated UTG and look at my cards to find A9s. I raise to 1,100 to take down the pot.

A few hands later and the same scenario happens. I have A10 this time and make it 1,050 but nobody wants to play and without any opposition I take down my second pot. However I can see that the guys are getting a little suspicious of my play and I better have a hand next time I opt to raise UTG:)

One orbit later and guess what, I am UTG and holding AK off in my hand! Just for consistency I bump it up to 1,100 and hope for a reraise. A villain in mid position says that he wants to see my hand and just calls, whereas BB after a few minutes of his own decides to make it 4,250k.
I suspect a squeeze and regardless it is a perfect spot to push the rest of my stack into the middle.

I move my last 10,575 chips in front and get an automatic call from the priced in BB. The guy turns over QJ which is better than a race which I feared, but would happily have taken at this point in the tournie.

The flop comes: 7,5,2
Turn is: 9
River: J!!!!!!

Not my game this one, everything from the start till the very end wasnt going my way. No regrets though and hopefully better luck next time.

Next stop Stoke….


One Response to “£100 Monthly Deeper Stack Event – Luton, Nov 2010”

  1. Tony December 2, 2010 at 4:40 pm #

    Unlucky! Getting spiked on the river is just one of those things. See you in stoke.


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