Lazy Sunday Poker

27 Dec

So after a lazy Sunday, and a tasty roast I decided I was suitably sated to try my luck in the Pokerstars £1.5 million.
It was 9pm and to be fair the choice of TV on a Sunday in the UK is really average so even more reason to try and win enough money to not have to care what is on TV.
The tourney, as the name suggest, has alot of money and ergo, players involved.

One hour in and the field was over 7,000 players and still time for late registration. It was going to be a long night and I was already imagining going deep in the tempting prize pool:)

Early in the tourney, tight was right, to quote an oft used maxim and it proved correct. The feeder system enure suitable fish in a tournament like this, who play hands like it cost them $10 to enter and second pair is good to stack off on….

Unlike previous blogs, the fact that this started at 9pm and I went deep, means I’m loathe to bore you on the semantics of the game, but needless to say I got some overiding opinions of my first stab at the ‘Stars £1.5million Guaranteed’!

Firstly, tight and sensible reaps dividends in the first 5/6 stages. Secondly, the quality of play is decidedly average prior to getting deeper hence strongly value betting my made hands was a top priority . Thirdly, you need to take some well timed gambling spots to help you build a stack as well as pray that the hands needing to stand up will stand up and of course hope that you win your flips!

The game as a whole went well, I lost chips early QQ when hitting a set and betting big on the flop and turn but unfortunately couldnt get rid of a guy with a pair and gut shot which he somehow successfully managed to complete on a river. OMG!!! I was glad it was early in the game and at a point when I didn’t stack off.

Anyhow, 7.5 hours later and some continous crazy action on my table we were down to 150 players. My exit hand saw me flipping with AK v JJ. The board was a blank and I was out and my dream of a $250,000 first prize being shattered:(
To be fair I had won 3 flips so far so winning another one would have been pushing it I guess?!

Still, it was $1,085 back for the evenings (and mornings) work and a finish of 147/8278 was a great first effort at this event ( even if I do say so). I expect I’ll bust out early next shot, but to get close to the big prize first bash is encouraging and has ensured I’ll be trying again- at least until the quality of Sunday night TV will be that great I’ll not be tempted…and let’s face it, that is no time soon….


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