January 2011 so far…

17 Jan

Just a quick update on my progress/activities this month so far.

The last couple of weeks I have been keeping myself busy playing online. I have been mainly concentrating on satellites to some big live events as well as some multi table sit & go’s- which have been working for quite well for me.

I really want to qualify for the European Deep Stack Poker Championships in Dublin. With 50k starting chips and a one hour clock changing to 90 minutes for the final day, I believe this event carries out the most suitable structure for my tight-aggressive playing style.

There is another reason too why I would like to go to  Ireland next month. One of my closest friends, who lives near Dublin, had  a baby boy 4 months ago and I still haven’t had an opportunity to visit them. Hence, spending some time with my friends whilst playing some poker in between would be a perfect break away:)

Still smiling despite not cashing!

I took my first stab in the 80 Euro game on Genting Poker and the final stage of the satellite attracted around 50 players and offered 3 packages worth 1,150 each. I was  determined to win one of those:) It was a good game with majority of the players being competent. I played a solid game, not getting out of line early doors and just getting a feel for the table. It was rather uneventful in terms of my hands, as I didn’t get any outdraws on my hands and I didn’t suck out on anyone, it was mainly a smooth journey accumulating chips pre flop till we got to the final table.

We were down to the last 9 and with 3 places paid there was alot  of 3-betting and 4-betting going on. I had managed to keep my stack just around average in the process, but I knew that a race was unavoidable in order to double up and win one of the seats.

With 6 players left I found myself looking at the AJ suited whilst sitting on the cut off, no brainer here, I shipped it in for my tourney life and got an instant call from the button. Ad Jd v 10 1o and its a flip! The flop brought 8 4 Kd turn is 9d…… and I had 15 outs! River was an evil/blank 6 and I was out in 6th:(

Oh well, at least I got my money back and with 2 weeks to go I will surely be playing again for my ticket to Dublin!

I went to the Fox Poker Club a couple of times to play a £50 deepstack freezout tourney. It is one of my favourite games at this venue, (apart from the monthly £300 big event), and they get around 40-70 runners  with a 10k starting stack and a 30min clock; it is far from a crapshoot and you get to play against good regular players.

Anyhow, my first game last Sunday didn’t turn out to be  a successful one. I hardly got any decent hole cards, and even when I did get someone always had a better hand. Hence, being card dead for a while and losing chips with my 88, KK and QQ respectively, I shoved the remainder of my stack with A J and unsurprisingly  I ran in to A K to finish me up!

I went back to the Fox yesterday to try my luck again in the same game. This time it wasn’t as busy as last week and instead of 65 runners, there were only 37.

I didn’t mind the smaller field as this meant I could either make the money or  if not get home for the Sunday million game:)

There were couple of weak/loose players on my table, but apart from that, the rest seemed to be decent regular players. I think a huge difference is made by the fact that it is a freezout rather than rebuy/add-on tournament, and the players are usually more careful with their stack.

My game was going well, I was gradually building my stack without a showdown, before I was  moved to a new table. Unfortunately my new seat wasn’t as lucky. I went on a dry spell and to make matters worse I had the chip leader located to my left and a super aggressive guy sitting to my immediate right. Grrrrr…

Still, I managed to make my way to the final table by being aggressive and picking the pots up in position. My exit hand saw me 3betting all in an early position raiser with my J J and racing against his Ac Qc. The flop brought an Ace and the end to my game:(. 7th and 2 outside the cash. I’m getting closer!

Somehow, I keep on being unlucky in those crucial spots. I hope my luck is going to turn around for my next game in Stoke on 6th February. I’m due a big flip win nearing the money- that is for sure!


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