UKIPT Manchester 2011

31 Mar

2 hours and 15 minutes, 206 miles by train, 8200 words consumed on poker, 2 distinctly average train sandwiches, 1 carton of Ribena and 1 x person talking too loud on their mobile and I had finally arrived in Manchester for the UKIPT!

The excitement had been building the entire journey and I looked forward to competing in a high profile event, and catching up with a number of friends. I was playing in day 2, flight b so it was straight to the casino for a 4pm start.

I got an interesting table draw, including a female luminary of the poker world in the form of Victoria Coren. It was nice to have some female company and hopefully further distractions for the blokes round the table!

My first hand involved me playing the cards against Ms Coren. It was half an hour or so into the game before my dry spell of cards ended and I was dealt my first proper hand – Ah Kh in early position.

I made it x3 to see the flop and everyone folded apart from Victoria, who just flat called in late position. The flop brought 8c 9d 9s and I checked. Victoria quickly bet 70% of the pot.

At this point I was thinking that it is pretty likely that she missed the flop too and was playing the position in order to get me off the hand. If she had a strong hand I believe she would check behind in order for me to catch up or to induce a bluff. It is also possible that she was holding a small pocket pair and was protecting it, however on such board I felt that if I could pair my Ace or King on the turn, it would most likely be ahead.

For this reason I decided to go with my gut feeling and just call and re-evaluate my actions on the turn. The turn came Ks and I decided to proceed with the check- raise strategy.

As suspected Victoria bet half the pot which I raised in order to obtain more information about her hand. Victoria quickly called.  I wasn’t sure what hand she would be calling with but a strong made hand made the most sense. Maybe A9, QQ, JJ; possibly 88 too. I decided to proceed with caution.

The river was a Jack of spades, which completed the flush, however I was not really worried about this – I figured I was either still ahead, or had been way behind all along.

I checked with an intention to call if the bet is low enough. Victoria makes a very small bet giving me a 3.5:1 odds, so I called and she showed K9 for a boat!

A few orbits later, I completed a family pot with 4 limpers when holding A9 of spades on the big blind. The flop came Ks 2d 9s and after a check from a small blind, I also checked hoping to see a free card. Mid position limper made a bet of 60% the pot and after 2 extra callers, I was priced in ( I later thought a re-raise here might have been a profitable- albeit risky move).

The next card was a blank and I checked again just to find myself getting the right odds for making the call once again. I called and missed my flush draw. The initial bettor showed a set and the second player two pair. As expected if I’d hit my flush it would have been good…

Not long after I got involved in another big pot where I picked up a straight and flush draws on a flop and somehow managed to miss all of them. Things were really not going my way and before the dinner break my 15k starting stack was down to around 10k.

After some curry, a quick chat with Liv Boree and a motivational speech from my mate Steve, I was ready to go back to the table and hopefully get some traction once hands started to come.

I looked down at my hand to find a pocket of 10s in latish position. My first pocket pair in 3 hours! I raised it up with an intention to pick up the blinds and I was happy to take a flop against 1 other player. However I was very quickly 3-bet by the button and a very passive player on the table. I took my time to evaluate the situation.

Was he just making a move or he really had a genuine hand?? I studied him for a bit and everything about his face and his mannerisms screamed strength to me. I just knew that he had a monster there. I tanked for a few minutes and then mucked my cards. My opponent very proudly showed a pair of KK. The fold radar still works it seems!

I wasn’t getting any decent cards, so I was playing position and on my tight image instead in order to pick up some uncontested pots. I got involved in another pot, where I raised in mid position with A, 5 of clubs  and got 2 callers, including the big blind.

The flop (Jc 3s 8c) gave me a nut flush draw, so after check from the BB, I proceeded with a pot size bet in order to take down the pot or get a decent amount in, should I hit my flop.

The guy in position just called, whereas BB got out of the way. The turn brought a 2d, giving me more outs, so I continued to represent strength and bet out again. I received a smooth call from my opponent. The river was 7d, and no help at all, why was I not surprised given the way my day was going!?

I was pretty confident that the guy had a KJ or AJ and was not folding to my shove, considering that the river did not complete any draws, so I checked and he showed AJ for a winning hand.

Down to 5.5k and 20 bb, I flopped a set on a 3,4,5 board with my pocket 5s. The multi-way pot meant I had to be aggressive to stop any draws or leastways, get it in good.

Having come back over the top of a mid position bet with an all-in, I got a quick call from the initial bettor. He was holding 6,7 ( sigh) – I missed the chance to catch the boat and I was out.

No regrets about my exit and I felt like it summed up the way my game had gone.

I was back on the Saturday – not to play unfortunately, but to rail for my good friend Lee who ended up cashing in 61st. It was nice also to catch up on exit stories with the likes of Toby Lewis and Neil Channing which helps you feel a little better having busted out too.

When I left for dinner, JP Kelly was running like a god and had a decent chip lead. Overall it was a good experience, I further extended my poker network of pals and look forward to picking their brains for the vast amount of knowledge they can impart at future games.

Now onto the online Las Vegas Team Challenge II! I’ll be posting an update on my team’s progress in this in the next week or so.


One Response to “UKIPT Manchester 2011”

  1. Pokerlifter April 3, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    Sometimes it’s just not your day! Tough break but seems you played well which is all you can do on days like that!


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