Las Vegas Team Challenge II

22 Apr

Las Vegas Team Challenge II league has been running for 5 weeks now and we are half way through earning points for the team and only 6 weeks away from the Live Final.

The live final will be held at Circus Casino, Star City, Birmingham on Saturday 28th May, where more than 200 players will be fighting for the $24,000 Las Vegas Team package!

There are 80 teams in total participating this time and currently we are placed in 32nd spot with 2,605 points. The first place is taken by the “Allsorts” team, who have already accumulated an incredible 15,070 points under their belt!

So far we have made 2 final tables online as a team, but failed to take any of the weekly tourneys down due to the loss of crucial pots and subsequently busting out in 6th and 9th respectively.

We still have 4 rounds to go and I know my teammates will do their best to earn extra chip points. The  better placed you are in the tournaments, the more points your team earns. This is important for the grand final-  as the better your online record, the more chips you start the final with as a team.

My team – “Baltic Blonde and The Boys” – consists of 4 members: James, Matt, John and me. I met James and Matt last year at the Fox Poker Club and we formed a friendship from there on. Both of them have been playing poker for a while now and are well experienced and respected players on the UK poker circuit. I’m hoping this experience will help when we come to playing the live final as live tournament experience is going to be especially important.

Whereas I have known John for over 6 years now and he is my biggest supporter, railer and mentor! It is handy to have someone to talk through hands with on a daily basis, and help to plug any leaks that exist in my game.

The online games have proved fun so far, and this augurs well for the live final. There is plenty of banter in the chat box, and some rivalries are being formed. I look forward to meeting a host of people I only know by their online poker names and avatars! The event is a great idea and I only see it going from strength to strength. Las Vegas Team Challenge III is surely around the corner.

Hence, I am very happy and proud to have such a talented team and look forward to doing well in the Final Event, regardless of how many chips we start with. Roll on May 28th!


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