UKIPT Newcastle

3 Jul

UKIPT Newcastle was disappointing in all respects….

I am a tiny bit superstitious so I should have known from the very start that is not going to be my game or day!

First of all I managed to miss my train by  1 min and had to hang around impatiently  at Kings Cross station for an extra half an hour. It was early Friday morning so the train station was buzzing with heaps of people starting the weekend getaway from London.

Either ‘Geordie Shore’ is already attracting tourists, or people were heading to Edinburgh for a romantic break!

Once on the train, my journey to Newcastle went pretty smoothly. I had just enough time to properly wake up whilst sipping my tea and updating myself with the latest celebrity gossip & fashion news. You can’t read poker magazines all the time:)

Baltic Blonde

UKIPT Newcastle

On the arrival at the Aspers casino, I was greeted by a few familiar faces but I just wanted to sort my registration out before having a proper catch up with everyone.

Earlier in the week I’d checked that buying in on the day would be fine. However, what that actually meant was a darn long queue and the prospect of a late start.

After 20 mins of waiting I finally got to the front just to be told that I cannot pay by card at that desk!!! Really?!!!

So now, I had to waste another 10 minutes trying to find the cashier, just to be told by them that I cannot withdraw any money unless I am a member of the casino and in order to become a member I had to go to the registration office.

I didn’t have time for another queue, so maxed out the daily limit on both my cards and thankfully a good poker friend lent me the rest.

Finally – 20 minutes after the start – I was seated at the table and ready to do some damage – hopefully. What a kerfuffle!

I didn’t recognise anyone at the table, and was going to take my time to settle in and catch up on the missed action. The players on my table came across pretty solid; there wasn’t much crazy play going on.

Half an hour or so in the game I got my first hand – AK off-suit and lost my first pot. A guy raised UTG3, so I 3bet him in late position, he flat called. The flop came 3 rags and he checked. I made a continuation bet of around 60% the pot and he pretty quickly raised it up by 2.5…obviously I was done with the hand.

A short while after I was dealt  JJ in early position and I made a standard 3x raise.  I received one caller in the big blind. The flop came 9d 10d 9h and he quickly checked then raised my bet. I called. The turn was harmless 5 and now he proceeded by betting out into me. I took some time to think about my next move.

I guess I could have raised here in order to make any drawing hand pay more  to see the next card or to just take the pot down right there & then. I thought it is also possible that he has a 10 in his hand, so by simply flat calling his bet I am potentially receiving more value by enabling him to barrel again on the river.

I didn’t have many reads on this player yet, as he hasn’t played many hands till that point, also I didn’t want to necessarily inflate the pot so I decide to just call his bet.  Looking back at the hand, I really prefer the re-raise at this point. Having thought I’m still ahead, the turn has changed nothing.

The river brings an Ace of hearts and although this card does not complete any draws the guy bets out into me once again. I have to call, but he turns over A, 10 and I’m frustratingly beat. He might not have folded to a re-raise on the turn, but I would have got more in the pot ahead.

I was running terribly in this game – a few hands later I lost with straight when another player on the table rivered  the flush, then I lost with 2 pair against  a runner-runner flush draw and had to fold a few pocket pairs after nasty flops.

After losing majority of the main pots I was involved in, my stack was crippled down to 6k=30 big blinds.

Just before the second break, I looked down at my hand to find AcKc in the cut-off. There was a UTG raise and a call mid position, so I decided to shove for 30bb. I thought this would look very much like a steal/squeeze and hopefully I would get called by a worse hand or get the race I now needed.

I was called by UTG with JJ after he tanked for a while. I hit my K on the flop, however another J on the perpetually evil Newcastle river sealed the deal and I was out of the UKIPT.

Not very exciting game for me; I ran bad and there was not much ( bar my JJ hand )I would have done differently. Any feedback on this hand would be welcome.

After my exit I stayed around for a bit railing for my friends and catching up with a few poker buddies before getting on a train back to London.

Liverpool Mega Stack the following Saturday was next on my poker schedule:)


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  1. amanda July 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    unlucky hun x


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