Liverpool Megastack

28 Jul

My alarm went off at 7am in the morning and after a few snoozes I was still struggling to get out of bed. I really have forgotten what it is like getting up before noon:)

The train journey to Liverpool was pretty smooth; 2.5 hours was just about enough time to wake up properly whilst going through 3 cups of tea,  1 Red Bull, 1 muffin and strawberries!

I haven’t been to Liverpool before, so was pretty excited about having an opportunity to visit a new city in the UK. If I was to bust out early, I fancied a stroll down Liverpool’s waterfront and exploring Beatles museum.

Casino in Liverpool

Circus casino in Liverpool

Well, it was not going to happen as I ended up going through to day 2 in ok shape.

I had a pretty good start on a day 1. I found aces on the small blind when my opponent picked up a pair of cowboys on the button.

Although we were on a 100/200 level at the time, the money went all in pre-flop and the aces held for a double up.

My stack was up to 55k with average being just 22k. With this in mind, I adjusted my strategy accordingly, and as a result got involved in a few more pots & tried to put my opponents under pressure in the right spots.

My tactic didn’t seem to work that well and quite a few levels later I’d slipped down to 40k, which was about 22bb by that point. I won a race shortly after though to bring my tourney back to life; I 3-bet shoved on the button a UTG2 opener and my pocket 9s stood up versus his KQ.

My 50k stack lasted for as long as 5 minutes before I was right back down to 24k when calling all in with A10 <AJ (small/big blind special).

There was no time to waste as we were approaching the last level of the night before the tourney broke for the day 2.  A few hands later I was down to 11bb and had 30min or so to build my stack up or bust!

I went into super aggressive mode; picked up a few uncontested pots, stole a couple of rounds of antes & blinds and then won a key coin flip AJ >44 to get back to a 60k stack. I felt like I’d gone to Blackpool and got on The Big One rollercoaster, rather than Liverpool further down the coast!

I survived whilst accumulating a few more chips to end on 68k, and the average being 87k, I was hoping to run good the following day.

After sorting my accommodation out and having some dinner at a local hotel I was ready to explore the city or to be more precise – its night life. I met up with a few poker buddies  I’d acquired through the day and we were off to have a few drinks and to do some people watching at the bars.

I was nonplussed and rather amused by the local dress sense and the cost of the drinks! £1 a shot!? I’m not surprised this place is so popular with stag and hen parties:)

I had a fun night out and headed back to get some sleep ready for the next day.

Baltic Blonde

Day 2

33 players out of the initial 117 participants had gathered for the Day 2 of the Liverpool Megastack.

Everyone was excited about getting closer to the money, yet there was quite a bit of work for to be done for some of us, considering there were only 12 places paid.

I had an excellent start and only 4 hands into the game I managed to near double my stack:

UTG2 guy raised x2.5, and I flatted on the button with Kh Jh, whereas both blinds folded.  The flop brought K 7 5 rainbow. He checked, I shoved and he called with K 10. No help for him on the turn or river and I was up to 110k.

I was a little sad to take Peter out, as he is a lovely guy and I really wanted him to do well. There is always another tourney I guess.

My table was fast and furious and there was no much flop play going on. To make matters worse, I was totally card dead and had to bring my creativity skills into action:)

I re-shoved a few times with not much, and even managed to luck out for a decent pot when running my K5 into AK (small/big blind special- again!). I hit 5 to take down the pot and sheepishly knock out another player.

My stack was up to 140k (average being 150k) and I had to get through another 15 players in order to take this tourney down.

I was moved to the Genting Poker TV feature table, where viewers online could follow the action & see the hole cards of all the players seated at that table.

My strategy was to be rather aggressive and play nearly every hand in late position especially with un-opened pots. I now had a sufficient stack to make a few moves.

My tactic seem to have worked – BB had enough of me raising on the button every time so he started calling me light and once I even managed to get paid on all streets when I had a top pair all the way and he just wanted to see my cards!

I was in the money and with 11 players left I was sitting on about the average 200k chip stackJ I was really starting to feel good about this game!

I’d smoothly made it to the final table and was looking forward to finally seeing some flops and playing some proper poker.

Unfortunately, I did not have much of a chance to do this, as I was out in 8th….

I looked down to find a pair of Jacks on the button in an unopened pot. I made a smallish raise of 2.5 hoping for some action from one of the blinds. Only the BB called and the flop brought the 5 7 8 of diamonds and the guy instantly announced all in for around 30bb (which was my entire stack).

I didn’t think for long, as I didn’t put him on made flush or straight, and the likely scenario being some kind of draw, I called.

He showed J,9  with the latter being a diamond, but I held the J of diamonds. He spiked a 10 on the turn and the river wouldn’t bring one of the crucial 7 diamonds and I headed out.

That was painful…. but I was happy with my performance and another  final table cash in June. Roll on July!


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