Lithuania, Poker & Genting Home Games

31 Aug

I spent the last 10 days visiting my family & friends in Lithuania. It’s lovely to be back at home and being able to enjoy traditional Lithuanian summer activities such as mushroom hunting, (not those kind!) fruit picking, camping by the river and sunbathing on a Baltic beach.

After a day of nice sunny weather and a great bit of mum’s home cooking, it was great to be able to delve into the new world of Genting Poker Home Games.

It’s pretty straight forward; you only need to have a Genting Poker account. More info can be found here: http://

Genting Home Games

Genting Home Games

I love having an opportunity to arrange myself a tourney which is suitable to my friends in terms of buy ins, structure & timing.

Going forward I’m even planning to run a league between my poker buddies using this feature. It is close as you can get to getting all your friends round a table without literally doing so!

Although I haven’t managed to win any of the few games I played so far ( you don’t get to pick the cards –even as organiser!) I’ve enjoyed the structure and banter, get ready for some fast draw typing.

If you want to extend your circle of poker friends, you can even publicise your game to any Genting players on the usual social media outlets.

For instance my first home game was won by Dave Garden, whom I got introduced to through friends on twitter. He is a very good player who has recently won a APAT WCOAP with over 400 runners and I look forward to taking him on for a re-match!( no shame there in my first home game heads-up defeat!)

For the last week or so, my online poker was focused round running and playing Home Games in order to accumulate as many points possible needed to win a seat on a Pro Live Game, which is taking place on Sunday 6th November 2011- at The Palm Beach Casino in London.

“Pro Home Game” is a fantastic promotion currently being run by Genting Poker – were you can win a cool £10,000 Sponsorship package for 2012!

How it works? Basically, organisers of home games that run with at least 5 players will receive 100 points for every home game they organise.

Winners of home games that run with at least 5 players will receive 1000 points for winning! If the organiser wins the game, they’ll get 1100 points. The more points you get, the more chips you’ll start the Pro Home Game Qualifier with, which takes place at on Sat 8th October 2011.

The minimum chip stack  will be just 100 chips, there is no maximum chip stack. The top 8 players in the Pro Home Game Qualifier will win a seat in the Pro Home Game at The Palm Beach.

All of you are welcome to get involved – create your own home game or join mine – I’ll be running quite a few of them over the next six weeks, till this promotion ends. All my home games are named as “Baltic Blonde”+ the number and the password is set to “baltic”.

Hope to see you all at the tables. There is one tonight too, at 8.30pm:)


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