UKIPT Edinburgh 2011

14 Sep

My highlight of the last month has to be a trip to Edinburgh; I was not only looking forward to playing the UKIPT event but if I bust early my plan was to explore the world’s largest art festival – The Edinburgh Festival – which was running at the time.

UKIPT Edinburgh


I arrived at the Corn Exchange (where UKIPT was held) in good spirits and was hoping for a lot more luck than in my previous two UKIPT main events, where I ran pretty bad and was coolered by the river card more or less every time I was involved in a serious pot.

It was lovely to see the venue buzzing and there were lots of familiar faces. I was especially excited about having an opportunity to meet my fellow Lithuanian players, whom I’ve got to know via social networking sites, and having a catch up with them in my mother tongue.

The day 2B has attracted 273 runners and I needed to last 10 one-hour levels in order to make it to the next day.

I had a super aggressive starting table; 40 minutes in and we had our first casualty, when 1 player 5-bet all in with 77 and received a call from AK. 7 on the flop and that was it…

Seeing this kind of action more or less every hand, it was obvious that I will need to tighten up & hope for some premium hands in order to fight back.

2 levels in and I looked down to find QQ in UTG2. I raised it up x2.4 and received a snap min 3-bet by the same guy who doubled up with 77 earlier on, everyone else folded. I thought about it and 4-bet with an intention to call an over-shove, but he just flatted instead.

The flop came Jc 7c 5s. I bet and he flatted again. The turn brought 9c, which completed the flush draw.

I bet again and this time he min raised me. I couldn’t think of any hands I’m beating at that point, so I folded. He could have easily had a set there, or completed his A high flush draw, I didn’t think he had AA or KK, as he probably  would have got it in on the  flop in that case.

So first big pot played & lost and I was down to 10k. Hmmmm, not the best start!

I kept on being patient though and was waiting for the right spots to get involved in pots. It was pretty tough to get momentum going as I was squeezed between two solid yet aggressive players.

The chip leader on the table, who was running like god, and took 4 people out by the end of level 3, was sitting on my immediate left, whereas an internet kid who was capable of playing any 2 cards and calling light was on my right.

My seat position at the table and the lack of good cards made it very difficult for me to win any pots.

Things were not going my way – 1 hour later and I was down to 8k, when missing all draws and not hitting flops.

I made the dinner break, and was down to around 20bb, was looking for a spot to 3-bet shove and hopefully double up once I’m back to my seat.

3 hands in and a Scandinavian guy who was seated on the button, and had a similar stack to mine (hence some fold equity) made a raise once again when folded round to him. SB folded, and I looked down to find KJ in my hand.

It was good enough hand to re-shove with, so I did, and received a snap call. Ooops! He shows AK and takes me out in 171st place.

Happy with my performance – lasted 7 hours with not many premium hands (apart QQ & AK once) and couldn’t have done much differently really.

It was time to get some food, sleep and crash the Edinburgh Festival the next morning:) The atmosphere was amazing in the city centre- tons of people and lots of street shows!

I loved the fact that you could just walk in to more or less any pub and watch a free performance whilst having a drink. It’s like being back in Vegas, where there is a constant buzz  although alas no poker included by now!:(

Genting Poker Players Championship

I look forward to playing the English Deepstack in Birmingham this Friday and then participating in the Genting Poker Players Championship 2011 on 24th September.

As they did last year, Genting Poker is adding massive value to this event with £10,000 added to the total prize pool, plus, the winner receives a £1500 Palm Beach Big Game package to play in the biggest monthly buy-in poker game in the UK.

It’s a great tournament with an affordable buy in of £150 + £15 and you can win a beautiful trophy too!  Hope to see you all there:)

More info on the GPPC 2011 can be found here:


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