Genting Poker Players Championship

30 Sep

I really enjoyed playing the GPPC last weekend at the Circus Casino in Birmingham and thumbs up to the organisers who put up such a great event!

The tournament had not only had an extra value added, WITH 25% topped to the prize pool but provided a fun factor for poker enthusiasts too.

There was MAD Marty Wilson in place, who made sure that everyone is being entertained, whereas whose of a more serious kind could keep their eyes on the tables whilst observing the action from some of the very best of british poker pros.

This year’s event  attracted 293 runners. The place was buzzing with anticipation and with poker legends such as Praz Bansi, Barny Boatman and James Akenhead ocassionally  passing by,  it kinda felt like being in Vegas!

Praz Bansi

Praz Bansi

I was super excited about the game, and with a good structure in place I was wishing to get one of those big names on my starting table and to steal a pot or two from them:)

I arrived at the casino a little earlier, so had just enough time to settle in whilst greeting and meeting some regulars on the poker circuit as well catching up with my poker buddies.

I was lucky enough to meet the “Hendon Mob” crew in person too and Joe Beevers was even sitting directly to my right on my starting table:)

I have to admit, they are not only very talented poker players but really nice guys too and I am really pleased for Genting Poker to have joined forces with the biggest UK forum.

I really wanted to win my first trophy this year and was aiming for the deep run! I had a good start and won a few medium sized pots when ahead on the river.

Then I managed to misplay JJ and lost a few chips as a result when I clearly shouldn’t have called the river bet…(see more details below)

I just been moved to the feature table and two hands in on the new table I’m dealt JJ UTG2. UTG opens and I decide to flat.

Flop brought Qh 5h 7h and UTG guy made a half pot sized bet. It really felt like a c-bet and there are so many hands I’m still ahead of. I decided to flat for pot control, as I didn’t think I couldn’t get him off a K or A flush draw, and I didn’t want to fold my hand if 4bet, in addition there was still BB in the pot, who in the end floated flop bet too.

Baltic Blonde


The turn came an A of spades and UTG checked. It wasn’t a good card for me, so I checked behind, so did BB. The river was a Kd.

So now there were 3 overcards to my pair or Jacks, unlikely but possible straight  and 3 hearts to a flush….UTG guy checked, I checked and BB bet 750 into 2,600 pot.  Initial raiser snap folded and action was back on me…

I did think for a while and decided to make a call. My reasoning at the time was, what the guy saw lots of weakness and decided to take a stab at the pot with low pocket pair or a missed flush draw….

However in retrospect, I think it’s an easy fold, considering the fact that one of them is very likely to have hit holding two cards with one drawing to the flush. I called and BB showed Ah 10.Figures.

Anyhow, after this hand I was back on track and the next few levels were going my way really; I was hitting my draws for once and my semi-bluffs were getting through:) So by dinner break my 10k starting stack was gradually but steadily lifted up to 16k.

The dinner break was all about football & beer for guys as Stoke faced Man United. More gossip from the girls though:)

Once full up & refreshed, I was back on the table ready for some proper action. I think we were down to around 90 players at that point, and with 40 places paid, there were a few busy sessions lying ahead.

We had a new player on the table for a start, who it would be fair to say was a  “maniac”. He literally opened, 3bet & 4bet with any two, 80% of his hands.

To make matters worse he was hitting his flops too. He won a huge pot of Barny Boatman, when calling a 3bet with 2,4, and hitting 2pair on the flop to get paid 3 streets…

Barny Boatman

Barny Boatman

I was trying to avoid this player, and was only prepared to play back when I actually had a hand. Unfortunately after the break, my luck seemed to have disappeared and I was getting no premium hands, suited connectors and any pairs…I was sitting out for a bit and just observing some funky moves by the maniac! He surely kept everyone entertained!

So a few orbits later and no playable hands or spots for me, my stack has dropped to half the average and I really was looking for a double up or re-shove spot.

Luckily, I found KK just in time!:)  There was an open raise in mid position and a push all in from Marc Goodwin, who was sitting on my immediate right and was a short stack too. I shipped it in, and the initial raiser having just about the right odds for making the call, called.

KQ < Ad2d < KK….I won the pot and was up to 40k, with the average at the time being 30k. woohooo!!

Shortly after I was moved to the TV feature table once again. It was nice having a solid stack whilst playing solid players; Barny Boatman, Kev Bloor, Steve Holden and Ben Jackson were surely going to be a tough bunch to beat!

It was a fun table with lots of banter going on and no one seemed to be getting out of line. I managed to get paid a bit with AA when all in 3 way against another AA and pocket 10s. What are the chances having aces and the guy to my immediate left waking up with the bullets too!? Proved to be amusing. No 10 on board and we chopped the pot.

Stack wise, I was placed in a pretty good spot with 48 players left and 40 places paid, hence from a strategic perspective I was looking forward to playing more aggressively and abusing medium sized stacks whilst approaching the bubble.

Ross Boatman

Ross Boatman & Gary Oakes

Everything was going to plan and I was chipping up till the following hand took place:

I raised it up UTG x2.2 and Kev Bloor 3bet x 3 in late position. It very much seemed like an AK bet, so I rather than 4betting I decided to disguise the strength of my hand by overbet shipping all in, so that in my opponents mind it would look like I had a hand that was in the range of AQ, AK, QQ, JJ, 10s.

As suspected he snap called with AK and was disgusted to see my KK.

Although my reading skills were right and my move correct, a brutal Ace on the flop crushed all my final table and trophy dreams in no time:) I was gutted – it was a massive pot to put me more than double the average 😦

Oh well, I had a great time at least and enjoyed meeting so many interesting and lovely people. Hoping for a better luck next year and can’t wait for the Genting Poker Players Championship 2012!

EPT Ladies Event for me next this Sunday, live updates on twitter – come and rail!:) x


One Response to “Genting Poker Players Championship”

  1. Nick September 30, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Great report Daiva… ouch vul with the exit hand.

    Good Luck on Sunday!


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