Genting $10k Bounty Tournament

27 Jan

After a good bit of promoting by Genting, and a fair few tweets from my good self it was Sunday and the launch of the fantastic $10,000 bounty promotion in the weekly $200k guaranteed on iPoker.

The premise was simple – play on Genting- knock me out and win $10k. I figured the safest bet was for me to win it, but it didn’t quite pan out that way!

$10k Genting Bounty

I was off to a good start when taking my first pot down with Kings.

I raised utg and received a call from a small blind. The flop brought 8c,3s,6c and the opponent checked to me. I bet out to get paid by any draws he maybe on. He called. The small blind checked call the Jd turn and folded to my value bet on the 4s river.

A couple of orbits later I managed to get paid further with 2 pair against lower two pair and my starting stack of 10k was up to a healthy 12k. Things were looking up.

There was plenty of early action around the table, and not knowing who were Genting players made it a bit harder to guess players ranges when involved in hands.

The next hour or so was pretty quiet. I had to fold AK after being the pre-flop aggressor but totally missing the flop against two active players both giving action & shortly after had to muck pocket 8’s too, when the flop brought 3 over-cards.

Whilst I might not have been active in that many pots, I was getting plenty of support on the rail. Genting players were hoping I’d stay in long enough ( and they would too) to hit their table and one even made a comment bemoaning an empty seat he was hoping would be filled by me- hadn’t been!;)

No-one on my table was getting involved in the banter, so I figured it may actually be a Genting player free table.

Anyhow, back to the game.  We were on 100/200 level when it was folded down to me on the button and I looked down at Qs8s – good enough to make a small raise, which I did.

Small blind folded and BB – Nirvana2012 – decided to just flat.

The flop brought 6d, 7s, Js and BB checked. It was a decent flop for me. I led out for 500, which the BB quickly flatted. Was this a Genting player I asked myself?

Genting poker onlineThe turn was an 8 of clubs, giving me a second pair & a fair few more likely outs. BB checked again, this led me to believe that he may be holding a low pocket pair or be on some kind of draw too as majority of the time players lead out on the turn when they’ve hit top pair, and with multiple draws out.

I check behind for pot control and the river brought the 4d. My opponent was first to act and after thinking about it for a bit he made a bet of half the pot.

Now I had to consider he had a jack, but also a possible missed flush draw, 8,9 for the straight draw or possibly a semi-bluff with middle pin 7, x. I decided my 8 was good and made the call. He showed J, Q to take the pot down. Wrong this time;(

I lost some more of my stack after flopping top pair in the sb with Q,5 and being called on the flop by the bb,(pre-flop limper folded). The turn brought a king and a raise to my bet. Either a bluff or my Q was no good, so I folded again. Not such a great last hour or so for me.

I was down to about 5k when it was folded down to me on the button and I decided to make a move.

The last thing I wanted was to get too low on chips and let someone take an easy bounty, they were going to have to pay to try to get all my chips!

With Q, 9 it was a good enough spot to shove stealing the blinds and antes with the added consideration it played well against a lot of hands should I get an unlikely call.

So I shove and the BB snap called. At this moment I’m thinking uh-oh and when he shows J,9 figure he must be a Genting player gambling.

J9 Poker HandHe knew something as the A, J, 10 flop put him ahead and I missed the multiple outs to bust.

It transpired he wasn’t a Genting player at all, which makes the J,9 call for 80% of his stack even more bewildering.

So the $10,000 bounty remains unclaimed this week and on to next week for your chance to bust a pro, get a massive payout and the kudos! Good luck!


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