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10 Apr

I flew back in from Cape Town on Saturday morning and after a couple of hours kip at home & a frantic luggage re-pack I was on my way to Brighton for the kick off of the Unibet UK Poker Tour 2017. I was determined to last longer in the tournament than the flight, so I needed to make day 2 as a minimum 🙂

Brighton is a place that holds many fond memories for me and I was both excited and feeling rather nostalgic going back to the city where it all started for me.



I lived in Brighton for 5 years after originally moving to the UK in 2001.  I worked there before and during going to university completing my degree in Business whilst very much enjoying a student life in this vibrant & bohemian city.

Brighton is also the place where I met my husband and where I played a game of poker for the first time. I used to make some extra cash by hanging out at the local casinos playing £5- £20 tournament games and dreaming of a future as a poker pro.

So here I was, going back to my old home town in my new role as Ambassador for Unibet which has led me to reminisce about all the random jobs, crazy times & hard work I had to put up with whilst striving towards my dreams and I got thinking about how these related to poker…


Waitress in a very popular seafood restaurant: Like a turbo tournament in a smaller Vegas casino- way too busy for my liking, too many people shouting and of course- being surrounded by fish…

Bar Tender in a popular cocktail bar : Pretty much like busting the Unibet Open– having loads of fun standing at the bar chatting to people, doing shots, drinking wine and getting to bed at 4am before being back up for work early once again the next morning 🙂

Modelling – catwalk +editorial shoots: When you get the most unfriendly table in a tournament. Surrounded by rude and pretentious people for hours on end, waiting around playing only a few hands before min-cashing and realising it wasn’t worth it anyway.

Sales person in a shoe shop: Convincing people that they are looking good with their choices and then paying you off at the end of it as you talk them into a call when you hold the nuts.


Cashier at a late-night bar:  Pretty much like playing online poker in 2007. Taking money off drunk people, working into the early hours of the morning, drinking coffee to stay awake and counting the money at the end of the evening.

Selling double glazing windows door-to-door – the worst job i did! – Like your first live game of poker- no training, not being sure what exactly you are meant to be doing, getting berated by people for your mistakes and making nothing at the end of it. I lasted one day in this job which ended with this classic interchange with my manager:

Manager:”how is it going?”

Me: “well”.

Manager: “whereabouts are you?”

Me: “the beach:)))”

Thankfully poker came to the rescue! As I started to be successful online and then do better in live tournaments I got an insight into what it was like to do a job you enjoyed and be well recompensed at the end of it. This certainly helped as I finished my degree and left Brighton to move to London and the next part of my adventures in life.

Anyhow this trip down memory lane completed I was obviously really pleased Unibet had picked Brighton as one of their stops for the UK Poker Tour 2017 (not just once but twice) and I was looking forward going back to my roots & maybe even seeing a few familiar faces at the tables from the old days.

Brighton is also know as “Little London by the sea” famous for it’s beaches, culture and an amazing night life. I was excited for the players who were coming to this place for the first time.

There was so much on offer with tons of fun activities alongside poker. I find that busting a tournament is never as bad if you can stroll down a pier afterwards and tuck into some of the most delicious fish and chips in the country.

Find out what Unibet Ambassadors did get up to in the video below:)


Unsurprisingly the event was a huge success and the £220 Main Event has attracted 261 players which smashed the £40k guarantee by creating a £52,200 prize pool.

My poker journey this time, regardless of home ground edge, didn’t go to plan 😦 I did make day 2 but then lost a big flip for most chips & then ran AJ into KK for the rest.

It was a great final table though, with a perfect mix of online qualifiers, recreational players & some pros. I was especially delighted to see 3 female players still in fighting for the title, trophy & £14,090 cash!


Final table baby!

Local hero Deborah Worley-Roberts seemed to have the biggest rail but unfortunately bust in 3rd for a decent £6,140 payday.

Well done to eventual winner Mateusz Krzyzewski from Poland who secured his trip to Brighton for only €25 at Unibet Poker. It shows how you can spin up the smallest amount, to a barrel of cash and get to visit some great places and meet fun people whilst doing it!


The champ Mateusz Krzyzewski with the runner up Renata Jack

It was great to have a professional photographer (Tambet Kask) & a hard working content team on board so everyone who is interested in this tournament could follow fun & accurate updates online whilst supporting & railing their favorites.

This does not usually happen in smaller buy-in events & it was great to see Unibet being the pioneers of this!

I look forward to returning in October for some poker, fun and hopefully an even bigger turn out!


Easter Bank Holiday weekend and Sussex Masters

16 May

I really enjoy travelling, and I was looking forward to getting out of London for the Easter bank holiday weekend and having a few days of from Poker.  We were quite lucky with the weather and being hot as it was I didn’t need to travel far as Brighton seemed like a perfect location for some relaxation and drinks on the beachJ

I really have a soft spot for this city as I used to live there whilst doing my degree at the Brighton uni, and there are lots of fun memories because of this.  I am still in touch with a few people I met during my uni days so I was looking forward to catching up with them too.

We ended up spending one of the days at the Marina; with a nice meal and tasting wine, whereas on Saturday we were having a mini BBQ on the beach whilst listening to the live band performing outside one of the seafront’s most popular bars – Gemini. It was a really nice atmosphere there, with thousands of people happily enjoying a day off in the sun.

I spent the Easter morning with my sister. We went to church for the Easter mass and then had a lovely lunch outdoors. We even had a chocolate Easter egg eating competition as to embrace Lithuanian tradition of eating at least one boiled egg on the Easter morning…

I was in good spirits and with not much else planned for the day I have decided to play the Sussex Masters event held at the Rendezvous casino. The tourney started at 4pm and with late registration in place the event attracted 85 runners and a prize pool of over 25k.

Baltic BlondeI was really excited about playing this event, as with 20k starting stack and 1 hour clock there was always going to be an opportunity to play some proper poker including good bluffs, big folds and hero calls!

As a result of the deep structure there wasn’t much happening in the first couple of levels or so, and as I didn’t recognise anyone on my table, I took this opportunity to observe my fellow players.

I was soon to find out that there was a mix of good and clueless poker players on my table. This was strange considering the buy in of £330!

There was one of the older ladies who kept on limping in every hand and calling raises regardless of her cards or a size of the raise; then there was a guy sitting on my right who came across as being a rich business man who enjoys gambling .

Another opponent was the tightest and the most passive player I came across in my poker career as he hasn’t played a hand in like 6 levels! And of course as always there were a couple of online grinders to complete the mix.

The first big pot I got involved in was with KJ when raising in late position. I received two calls, as both blinds decided to see a flop. The flop came K 7 5 with two spades and both guys checked to me.  I led out and sb got out of the way whereas the bb re-raised x 2.3

I called. The turn brought a Q of hearts and bb quickly checked to me. It seemed to me that he is either on a flush draw or has a K with a weak kicker and is checking for pot control.

I decided to bet and make him pay if he was on a draw. He quickly called my bet and we were off to see the river card – a Q of spades. After the third spade showed up, he tanked for a bit and made a big bet.

Most of the time I would be inclined to fold in this kind of situation, but the fact that he was one of the better players on the table and previously showed that he is capable of bluffing in the right spots got me thinking. He was either representing the nut flush or he was having a go at it. I called and he showed A 9 of spades. Grrrr.

A few orbits later I made a successful squeeze play when on the small blind to take down the big pot and get some of my chips back.

Just before the second break I looked down at my hand to find A10 suited and hence raised 3 limpers with an intention to take it down. I received one call from a new guy at the table. I didn’t have much information on him, so put him on any broadway cards, suited connectors or a low pocket pair. The flop came J 8 5 rainbow and he checked to me.  I led out and got a quick call from him.

The next card was a 2 of hearts to bring a flush draw and he checked to me once again. I went ahead and led out once again in order to represent a J or a pair. He just smooth called once again. The next card was a 7 of hearts and he quickly led into me.

I was in a similar spot as before, but this time it was an easy fold for me. I put a guy on a set, or a semi –bluff, whichever it was I sure I was beat.

I made the fold and managed to talk him into showing his hand -pocket 3’s! I thought his play was pretty aggressive considering that he had no prior reads/info on me and my style of play…or maybe that was the reason of his bluff?!

Although I have played for 9 hours I didn’t run very well and kept on running into better hands/ completed draws and never got an opportunity to increase my stack above average.

My exit hand was pretty standard when losing a race 66 < AK and I went out in 37th, just on the last level before the game was breaking down for the day 2.

There was the small consolation the next day of a sunny beach to laze on and reflect on my days play with a nice glass of rose.


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