888 Super Stack London

28 Jun

After a couple of fun weekends socialising – ; One of my closest friend’s Hen party in London followed by a fabulous Wedding in Krakow, I was ready & very much eager to get back to the tables for some live poker action:)

ImageLuckily for me there was a Super Stack Series in town, happening at one of my favorite poker venues in London – Cromwell Mint Casino this weekend. The place seems to attract the friendliest players in town, hence there is always good banter & atmosphere at the tables. I assume, this is because the majority of regulars are recreational players & casual adrenaline seekers, who are not as competitive as professionals could be and play more for “fun” rather than “win” aspect.

I made my way to the Mint yesterday just before 1pm for the flight 1a of the Super Stack Series, feeling positive and ready to crush the tournament:) It’s a £150+15 buy in + an optional (no brainer:) 5,000 chips for an extra Fiver.

I love the fact that the 30k starting stack & a decent structure (Super Stack Series structure) for this specific event provides you with heaps of opportunity for lots of post flop play.

The action on my starting table was fast & furious and regardless of how sensitive I was playing, I found it very hard to win a pot. Players were not giving me much respect & calling off huge over bets with marginal/drawing hands & somehow getting there versus me. I ended up 4bet shipping with AK suited for 35bb in late position and losing a flip when BB decided to make a hero call with 10,10 (for his life and 2 players still to act)

ImageAnyhow, I after a long break chilling at home, having some therapeutic ice cream as suggested by poker pro Dara O’Kearney on Twitter (https://twitter.com/daraokearney) and my change into a new/luckier outfit for the night, I’ve decided to give the Super Stack another go and play the Flight 1b at 8pm.

It was a bad idea! I didn’t run any better; didn’t get many playable hands, kept on missing flops and in the end lost another flip for 22bb JJ < AQ all in pre. Sigh!!!

The highlight of the night was making a new female poker friend. She is from Latvia, plays poker for a living and lives in London too! You will probably see us hanging out together at the tournaments from now on;)

I am having my sister over this weekend, so going to have a girly day & night in today, starting with a full English Brunch shortly and some inevitable shopping trip later🙂

For whose of you who don’t have much going on today and fancy playing some poker, there is another Super Stack Flight at 8pm at the Mint tonight not to be missed!

Good luck and see you soon x









Sky Poker UK Poker Championship

17 Feb

Hello!! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve promised myself & some of you that I will be blogging more frequently in 2014, so watch the space🙂

Since parting ways with Genting a few months ago, I spent some time catching up with my family and giving myself time-out so I could throw myself back into poker more refreshed. I’m excited about the year of poker ahead, and have a mini schedule for the first few months or so planned in my head with extra stops if I can get some run-good going.

I’ve decided to be more selective on game choice- looking for aspects such as set guarantees, extra value added to the prizepools, soft satellites & the right location for a game (not flying to Ireland and spending days in hotels for example) when choosing which tournaments to participate in.


Next stop for me is going to be the Sky Poker UK Championships in Nottingham this week. There is no doubt this is going to be one of the biggest events on the UK Poker circuit this year, attracting huge number of players & creating a juicy prizepool.

In my opinion the £500,000 guarantee is going to be easily surpassed.

Sky Poker has been running a number of great satellites online as well as in some mainland casinos, giving players the opportunity to win a seat to the Sky Poker UK Championship satellite for as little as £5.

For all Londoner’s who still haven’t secured a seat to the Main event, tomorrow’s £50 re-buy satellite at the Mint Casino could be especially good value, as there are an unconditional 5 seats guaranteed & a decent structure for a re-buy tournament.

I’ll be heading to the Mint tomorrow myself to try and win one of those seats, if not I will see you at the DTD in Nottingham on Thursday anyway🙂

Daiva x

European Nations Cup 2013

24 Apr

I received a call from Barny Boatman a few weeks ago informing me about upcoming European Nations Cup event in Cyprus & kindly asking me if I would be interested in joining his team. How exciting!!

European Nations Cup 2013It meant swapping rainy London for sunny Paphos for a weekend in order to play poker against some of the best poker players in the world.

I was really honoured and proud to be a part of Team UK & couldn’t wait to contribute to its success (hopefully:)

Now just a little intro into what the European Nations Cup is all about.

It is a yearly event being hosted by the International Federation of Poker (IFP) with an intention to promote poker as a skill game and a mind sport. In order to achieve the most accurate results, IFP uses the unique format of Match Poker:

– 6 players per table play 4 sessions in total (66 hands each session)

– Every player on each table receives an identical order of cards (dealt electronically to players’ smartphones and the tables’ community devices)

– Every new hand is being started with 10,000 chips

– Scoring is based on the aggregate chips won/lost by team on each hand. 14points being the max and 1 point being the min.

European Nations Cup 2013There were 14 teams from different countries participating in the European Nations Cup 2013 & competing for the first place trophy as well as the top 6 spots, which guaranteed a place in the final (Nations World Cup) in November.

I had a good feeling for the Team UK – which was led by Captain Barny Boatman and included Neil Channing, Ross Boatman, Karl Mahrenholz, Ben Roberts, Jerome Bradpiece  & me – not only because we had some of the most experienced & successful poker players in the UK, but because we had a good mix of players with different poker skills useful for the Match Poker format as well as possessing the right mindset and attitude towards teamwork.

All of us got on really well and were prepared to support each other & work our hearts out to make sure the team UK succeeded.

Hands down I was the least experienced player in my team and having not played in this kind of event before, I was very eager not to let anyone down. Once I found out I was playing a 6max 200bb deep game, I started practising online & improving my game by watching 6 handed cash game training videos online.

I felt they gave me a useful refresher into deep stack poker; more hand range knowledge and betting sizes players tend to incorporate into their game & treated it as a good warm up going into the Cyprus event.

Team Lunch

Team Lunch

After a 4.5 hour flight we have finally landed in Paphos & after checking in the beautiful Annabelle Hotel & grabbing a quick bite we were happily heading back to our rooms for some rest.

Friday was a glorious day and we took this opportunity to go for a wander by the seafront & try some local delicacies.

Ross & Jerome have decided it was a mixed seafood platter time! Cyprians seem to be extremely generous with food portions; After ordering our octopus, calamari & fish of the day combo we have also received breads, dips, olives and something pickled we couldn’t identify but what ever it was tasted great:)

We were making the most of the food & sun before heading back to the hotel for the opening ceremony, where everybody had an opportunity to try out the new technology (smartphones) to be used for the next day’s play and to officially meet the rest of the participating teams as well as check out the trophies.

Patriotism was running high even before the event was about to begin; some players were carrying their mini country flags around, the others were wearing clothing with national embroidery/branding or simply sticking to their own groups plotting the winning strategies even on an organised night out!

I think some of them were taking this too seriously- the action was yet to begin!

This did not apply to the UK team. After listening to a few of welcoming speeches by the event organisers & guests as well as fitting in even more tasty Cyprian food, our team enjoyed a fun evening by the pool taking some lessons from Jesse May how to win at Chinese Poker :)  They’d be plenty of time to get focused and serious the next day!

Teams competing - Day 1

Teams competing – Day 1

I started day 1, session 1 on table 6 & seat 5.

I had a Danish guy – Frederik Brink in seat 1, who was playing good aggressive poker and whom I ended up playing majority of my hands against.

Seat 2 was an Irish player Michael Graydon – who eventually won the best player of the tournament title, seat 3 was an Estonian player who was pretty quiet and only played a handful of hands in the first two sessions, seat 4 was a Spanish player who was probably the most aggressive player on the table and opened every second pot. I was in seat 5 & seat 6 was taken by a Lithuanian lady.

Because of pretty active table dynamics I ended up playing more hands than initially planned and when I did, I tried incorporating not only  the most obvious starting hands but a few holdings I would usually muck  in a typical MTT.

My reasoning behind this was that it was very likely that majority of the players on the other tables are going to fold those untraditional starting hands immediately,  or at least in the earlier sessions/stages of the game and thereby not make any points for the team, where I was going to try and go for the max scoring.

4 hours in and team UK was leading the way with top points. I was thrilled to bits!! After finding out the initial results, all of us gathered together to have a mini break & team lunch. We went over some of the hands played and tried to collate more information on the specific players & teams whilst trying to figure out their approach to the format.

Team standings at the end of Day 1

Team standings at the end of Day 1

After another few hours of playing we managed to finish the day 1 in third spot, which was only 7 points behind the Irish team & half point behind France. We were really chuffed with the outcome & a night out for the team enjoying Cyprian cuisine was in order!

We had a great night out on the Island, enjoying local cuisine & delicious ice cream for dessert (yes, they were so good that even the boys couldn’t resist having a scoop or two:)!)

It was good having a proper catch up with everyone & to bond better with the team. We made plans to meet 9am the next morning in order to look at some hand histories, which were meant to be sent through to the team captains the night before.

The availability of this kind of data could have possibly given a great insight into each opponent’s play on any given table/seat and could potentially be used to UK team’s advantage.

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues the HH data did not arrive in time to be reviewed in detail & discussed in group before session 3 was due to start. Regardless, captain’s orders were to stick to the same kind of play as the day before as it had been working so far & the situation was going to be re-assessed once session 3 ended & results were out.

In addition there was some re-structuring in the team and Karl Mahrenholz was called in to take my seat, whilst I rotated into the substitution spot.

This basically meant that I was free to enjoy the morning’s sun chilling by the pool & hang around the hotel with the other substitutes, but not too far away from the poker room, in case any of my team mates needed me for smoking breaks etc

European Nations Cup 2013

Break Time!

This has given me a great opportunity to do some networking & to meet some interesting people whilst testing out a few traditional Greek cold coffees – Frappe being my favourite!;)

It was lovely meeting Irish captain – Dara O’Kearney, who was gregarious & genuinely supportive of UK team all throughout. Also I managed to sneak in a passionate debate about Match Poker & it’s future with the President of IFP of Bosnia & Herzegovina – Djordje Lovric.

Before I knew it was time to head to the restaurant and meet my team for lunch. I was quick to learn that we did not have the best session and as a result slipped down to 7th place.

This was the first & the last time I noticed a tiny glimpse of worry in our captain’s demeanour.

Although not quite where we wanted to be it was not a disaster. All of the standings were pretty close in points and they could be easily changed for better after a number of hands.

There were a number of other teams who whose chances of qualifying were pretty slim and it was only to take some drastic measures for them to win.

After some thorough discussion we decided to go for a “solid poker” approach with an intention to exploit the players from the “desperate to win” countries that will be playing too loose and trying to gamble their way into the top 6.

Also, the captain has decided that Karl will stay on my table to play session 4 and I’ll be continuing my adventures in Annabelle hotel, which in my opinion was only fair given the circumstances.

I was the least experienced +the youngest:) player in the team and it only made sense strategically to have the strongest players in action going into the final round to try and pull the team up.

All of my team members are fantastic poker players with 10+ years experience in the business and between £600k -£2mill in winnings each, there is no doubt they were going to make less mistakes and be more accurate with the live reads as well as be better at applying max pressure on the weaker players than me.

It was paramount the team qualified!

Karl Mahrenholz

Karl Mahrenholz on the feature table

As it happened, all the players from my table were being moved to the feature table upstairs for the final session. So whilst everyone was taking their seats, I was heading to the second poker room, where the feature table was being streamed live to rail Karl.

Karl played really well; he made some correct reads & has gone a couple of gutsy moves which seemed to work out just fine.

No doubt, he made some decent points for the team there. It was funny that he was getting involved with the Danish guy as much as I was in my first two sessions:)

Later I learned that the rest of the team members seemed to have had good final sessions too & the chances of the UK making it into the top 6 was looking bright again!

We were in good spirits heading for the awards ceremony & hoping for some wins and of course qualification!

I loved the ballroom; It looked stunning in white with big gold plaited chandeliers. Each team had a table for the night where drinks & lovely food were served and there was a live singer & a DJ who kept everyone entertained.

We were slightly nervous and couldn’t wait for the awards ceremony to begin… Although we didn’t know what to expect, deep down in my heart I felt that we have done enough to qualify for the finals….

European Nations Cup 2013

The joy of winning:)

I was right!! Team UK came 4th & I couldn’t have been happier for all of us:) We worked hard, we played hard and we deserved to go through.

However, the most joyful point of the night was seeing our Captain – Barny Boatman – picking up the trophy for the best seat award (seat 3)! I was so proud of our Captain, leading us to qualification by showing us how it’s done with a winning seat. It couldn’t be a better story!

Karl & I must have done something right too as we scooped a trophy  for the best player in seat 5🙂 It was such a lovely unexpected win & I have to admit it felt great!

There were only 6 seat awards in total, for the players who scored the most points in a specific seat compared to that seat on the different tables and Team UK managed to win 2 of them!

Also massive congratulations to the Irish team, who ended up winning European Nations cup 2013 & picking up a gorgeous trophy and my sincere consolations to the Lithuanian team who didn’t make it.

Well done to the International Poker Federation of Cyprus for putting on such a great & very successful event & I look forward to seeing you all in the finals next.

The location for the Nations World Cup has not been confirmed, but the gossip around is that it’s in Rio:) Bring on Brazil!!

Genting Poker Series Newcastle

7 Apr

There were two main reasons why I was really looking forward to the Leg 2 of the Genting Poker Series 2013.

Genting Casino Newcastle

Genting Casino Newcastle

Firstly I had never been to Newcastle before & was keen to cross another location of my UK City list.

Secondly, following my success & 8th place finish in the GPS Birmingham, I was eager & highly motivated to top this up by at least a couple of spots (perhaps this was a bit of a stretch, but hey ho, it’s all about a positive & winning mindset right:)

After a smooth 2 hour & 49 minute trip on the train & a prompt check in at the hotel, I had just enough time to nip out & have a little wonder around the beautiful Grainger Town (which is a historic part of the Newcastle) before heading to the Genting casino to do some work:)

I started my GPS weekend by playing in the Button Poker side event. In essence this game works just like a normal NL Holdem Tournament & the only difference is that when a player wins a pot, he/she gets to keep the button & subsequently is the last person to act in a following hand, till someone else takes the button.

I think it’s one of the most fun & entertaining tournament structures I played in. Players become very defensive and are unwilling to let their button go once they acquire it. As a result the play for majority of the participants becomes very loose aggressive with the very wide range of hands!

Anyhow, I managed to final table the button poker event, but my joy was short lived when I got it all in pre with 10,10 v A,Q of Amy Trodd and couldn’t hold. Amy was unstoppable that night- played really well & with some luck on her side too it’s no surprise she went on to win it!

Baltic Blonde

GPS Main event Day 1

Despite not cashing I had a great night & treated the game as a good warm up for the Main Event the following day.

After a good night’s sleep, a cup of yummy Latte in the morning & a lucky outfit sorted and I was feeling great heading back to the Genting casino to play day 1c.

I assumed my starting table, which included a couple of familiar faces & mainly local lads, to be rather soft and I was right. One hour in and I’ve increased my 25k starting stack to 30k without getting down to any showdowns:)

The table dynamics were straightforward & steady and we had some good banter going on and no-one was getting much out of hand.

This was until one of the busted player’s seats was swiftly taken by Albert Sapiano. I believe Albert to be one of the most unpredictable players in poker – he plays any two, so in any given hand he could have the nuts or be bluffing his life away with complete air.

As Albert was sitting two to my right and I had a position on him, I was happy to get involved in a few pots with him:

I raised UTG2 with QQ. I received 2 calls including Albert in the BB. The flop brought 6,6,6 and only Albert check called my bet. Turn was a 2 & we both checked. River was a 9 and Albert overbet the pot x2. I folded.

Albert Sapiano

Albert Sapiano

I couldn’t see him doing this with a showdown value hand. Hence a 6 or a complete air made the most sense.

He knew at that point that I had one of the premium hands so bluffing in this spot would be pretty crazy & definitely a losing play in the long run, plus I’ve noticed previously that he seemed to have a tendency to overbet the pot when he had a very good hand. I just went with my read when making a fold & he proudly showed me 7,6 for a winning hand!;)

Fortunately not long after Albert & I played HU again and this time I won a decent pot when calling his bluff off on the river. We were even!:)

I was ticking along okay & steadily accumulating chips before  abruptly getting a brutal beat for an exit. Here’s a bad beat story for you- I’ll keep it short I promise!

I got it all in on a 7,4,2 rainbow flop with a set of 7s for an over 60k pot (blinds 150/75) and couldn’t hold versus pocket 8s. Sigh!

I was obviously going to re-enter but needed some time away from the tables to refocus first. Fresh air & some chocolates helped a lot & I was back to the poker room with a winning mindset again!

To make it even better, I got a seat 7 on a table 7, a lucky combination of double 7s, which were surely not going to disappoint me!?

The rest of the evening went to plan & I finished day 1 on 50k, which was around 30bb going into day 2. I was happy with that & very much looking forward to next day to hopefully making back to back final tables:)

GPS Day 2

GPS Day 2

Day 2 went off to an excellent start. I was happy with my seat draw & managed to win a race – JJ v AK – to double up early doors.

Unfortunately, not long after I got moved to a new table & had one of the chip leaders sitting two to my right, as well as another couple of players, who were pretty chipped up, to my immediate left. Not the best spot!

With blinds going up & no premium hands to be found I was playing on my image, and made a couple of timely 3bets & some steals in position to keep me going.

I was down to around 17bb when approaching the bubble and I found myself in a position where I couldn’t do much but wait for someone to bust before I made a move with my stack of course unless I found AA or KK in my hand. It’s a frustrating place to be, but you like to think you’ll pick up a hand, and I simply didn’t.

I think it was one of the longest bubbles ever, short stacks kept on doubling up and players who were getting it in behind, sucking out.

This was very frustrating, as I had no other option but just fold away. I’d never advocate doing this as a general rule as you are playing for the final table, but as you get shorter the cycle perpetuates itself downwards. Finally after nearly two levels of hand-for-hand play we were in the money and down to 42 players! weeee!

I was happy and hoping for some kind of hand with a decent equity to get the remaining of my stack in the middle. 3,9….hmmm…10,2…..7,2 nooooooooo!…..this was not going to plan!

Ellie Biessek

Ellie Biessek

In the end I picked up 7,9 utg but for some reason unknown I decided against it. Looking back, I think it was a definite mistake and I should have shipped my stack in regardless as I only had 6bb & I was going to be all in next hand anyway.

It was out of character for me and a lapse of concentration which does happen to all players at points in a long tourney.

As it happened I was lucky to pick up A,8 in the big blind next but unfortunate to run into Aces of Jeff Kimber for an exit. (40th/400)

I was happy with my performance & another GPS cash on the bounce, and although I made a couple of mistakes and questionable plays I do feel that overall I played well & I’m learning something new every time I play:)

Huge congrats to Ellie Biessek – the eventual GPS Newcastle winner – for such an amazing achievement & a win of £38,750! It is lovely seeing a female poker player picking up this trophy for once!

GPS Leg 3 in Sheffield next. Hope to see you there!

From The Bahamas to Birmingham

16 Feb

It’s been a great 2013 so far!

I started my new poker year by playing the Genting Big Game at the Mint casino & making the final table. After chopping the same tourney heads up in December, I was feeling confident and with alittle luck on my side I knew I could do well again.

Baltic Blonde

Unfortunately it was not meant to be! I ended up finishing in 9th when getting it all in with QQ v A,9 and not being able to fade an ace.

I still made some money that night, as me and Joe Beevers swapped a piece of each other with 2 tables left and he went on to finish in 5th for £9k.

Well played Joe and thanks again for my new handbag money:)

Next for me was a trip to Bahamas for the PCA adventure, where I played in the $1,000 Ladies event.

This tournament attracted 66 runners, including a few very well known names; such as Jan Combes who has won the EPT Ladies Event in 2011 and finished fourth in the EPT Grand Final Ladies Event in 2012 & Fatima Moreira de Melo of Team PokerStars.
My starting table was fast and furiuous and after losing a couple of key pots early doors I  never really recovered. I shipped the remaining of my stack in with Q,10s on the 10 high flop and unfortunately got called by K,10 for an exit. Sigh!

Although the tournament didn’t go to plan, I had a blast exploring the Atlantis Resort & enjoying the Caribbean sun for the next couple of days. I spent majority of the time in a water park; trying out various slides & scenic river rides as well as testing out traditional Pina Coladas:) Who cares about day 2 when you can have this instead!?


My hometown – Silute!

I was taking in every sun ray I could as 48 hours I knew I was going to be in Lithuania, where the winter temperature at the time was reaching -13!

I love winter back home! My hometown was gorgeous in white and it was great being able to play with my nieces outside the house and build a snowman.

I also had a few fun trips snow sliding and driving on frozen river ice with my family & friends.

After 16 days in Lithuania with no poker, I was very much looking forward to going back and getting involved in the first leg of the Genting Poker Series 2013.

The GPS main event attracted a record field of 590 players, which created a sweet prizepool of £236,000 & nearly £60k for the winner.

I started my GPS adventure on Thursday by playing in the Button Poker side event. It was not only a good opportunity for me to catch up with some friends at the tables but also to put in some live poker practice before the main event the following day.

After busting with AA in the later stages of the game, I ended chatting to the Main Event Travel team & helping them out with the wine:))

Genting Club Star City

Genting Club Star City

Few hours later and I was back to the Star City to play in the £440 buy-in Main Event.

A fantastic structure was in place with a 25k starting stack and 1 hour clock – which  allowed even the most conservative player an opportunity to make day 2.

I had a rollecoaster day, where I peaked at 60k (avg stack at that point being 35k) and was down to 10k before baging & tagging a disappointing 26k for day 2:(

With 193 players coming back for day 2 and me being placed in the bottom 5 – it was not looking too optimistic!

I had 16bb & a dream! My strategy included looking for some decent re-shoving spots in order to keep on going and waiting for a double up opportunity.

Chaz Chattha

Chaz Chattha

Having Chaz Chattha seated 2 to my left was not ideal for this, but at least there were a couple of unknown players, which seemed to be folding a lot – so I targeted them instead.

I built my stack to 100k (half average at that point) before looking down and finding AA in my hand. I raised and then got it all in on the 8h,7h,3c flop v Jh,10h and held.

From there on I never looked back and ended the day on 500k, which was around average with 23 players left.

I recall not being able to fall asleep for ages that night as I was too excited about the next day & getting so close to the final table. It seemed that 4 hours sleep was as much as I was going to get and after a cup of tea and some good music to properly wake me up, I was heading back to Star City full of excitement:)

I had a terrible start & was down to 10 bigs, when my KK got cracked by 4,5s! I raised pre & bet the pot on the J,6,7 flop. We both checked the turn n then I paid of a bet on the river.

Daiva Barauskaite

Genting Poker Series Final Table

I couldn’t have done anything differently in that hand, and I’m happy I didn’t go broke there & had an opportunity to build my stack up afterwards.

I was down to 6bb before trippling up with KQ v QJ and another hand I was not shown. Then not long after I shipped again with JJ and got paid by A,3 to get back in the game.

From there on, I was grinding a short stack for a few levels and never seemed to get back to the average stack, before making it to the final 9.

It was a strong final table with some very experienced & capable players still in; eventual winner of the first GPS main event of 2013  – Julian Thew, Hendon Mobster – Ross Boatman, poker veteran – Barry Neville & the previous Monte Carlo at DTD winner – Alex Goulder.

I was definitely going to need some luck to spin my short stack up! Unfortunately my run-good never showed up and after re-stealing in some good spots with marginal hands, I was finally caught out by aces of Ross Boatman when shoving pre was a no-brainer.

I was really happy to finish 8th, but understandably disappointed not to hit a really big payday. Still 7k for a weekends work has been the ideal start to the new year and I’m looking forward to what promises to be an exciting March of poker in London.

Hello 2013

4 Jan

First of all Happy New Year to one and all! I hope you had a fantastic night.

Due to a couple of people being ill & last minute changes in plans, we ended up having a mini house party at our place & seeing in 2013 surrounded by some of my closest friends & family.

Baltic Blonde

With the girls on New Years Eve x

Joint efforts combined, it ended being a superb night; my friend Kady was in charge of the best Cosmopolitans in London.

My other half John was chef for the night preparing divine canapes, whilst my other close friend Rada was responsible for dessert & brought over the cutest cupcakes for the guests.

I was in charge of the music, and yes I admit it included Gangnam style;)

The party seemed to be the perfect ending to yet another good year in poker & my life in general;)

I have been feeling happy, positive & at the same time impatiently looking forward to next year’s adventures, starting with the PCA Bahamas!

December 2012 has been an especially great month for me and apart from chopping heads up in the Genting Poker  Big Game & winning a Women’s PokerStars Caribbean Package (worth $3,200) for $16, I did an interview for the biggest selling lifestyle magazine in Lithuania, called “Panele” and I was also approached & filmed  for a Lithuanian TV show. Can it get any better!??


Filming time!

For those of you, who are interested in reading the article; it should be out in the next few days in January’s issue and I will provide a link to it as soon as it’s available.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be in Lithuanian, but my English readers are welcome to view for the pics;)

I was a little nervous about being filmed for a documentary as this meant having a camera crew following me round London for a day & creating lots of attention as well as being asked lots of random questions by a reporter on the spot & not always being able to come up with a suitable/fun answer!

Another minor problem I experienced, was forgetting some words in Lithuanian & including English terms as a result…not least because some poker words don’t even exist in my mother tongue!

The premise for the TV programme is covering success stories and lifestyles of Lithuanian individuals with various talents who are living abroad.

It made me feel a bit sheepish, as I’m not sure I am successful or even as talented as some others they may feature on this show, I am only doing something I enjoy and what makes me happy regardless of what it brings me.

Anyhow, back to poker.

I am starting my live poker adventure of 2013 by heading to Nottingham this Saturday to play the famous DTD 300, which is a £336 buy-in NL Hold’em.

This tournament not only has a 150k guaranteed prize pool but a slow & deep structure too, which I feel is most suitable to my playing style. (30k chips and 40 min clock)

DTD 300By the way, if you are planning to play DTD 300 and have an active account on http://www.gentingpoker.com you can win a GPS 2013 Leg 1 seat for free (worth £430).


1. Have an active account on Genting Poker room.

2. Come and see me on the day to say hi & to collect the Genting badge to be worn throughout.

3. Simply be the longest lasting Genting Poker player left in the tournament!

Then, there is the Genting Poker Big Game on 7th January at the Cromwell Mint Casino, which will have a whooping £6,000 added to the Prizepool!

Just like the last month, I’ll be down for the satellite on the day at 4pm first. (£110+10 turbo freezeout, 6k stack, 15 min clock)

And then, I’ll be off to the Caribbean on Wednesday to play in my first PCA event ever! Bring on the Bahamas, for once getting knocked out of a tournament won’t be that bad!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

25 Dec

Merry Xmas everybody!Just a quick message to wish all my friends, followers and fans a very special Christmas and to thank you all for your support throughout the year. I hope you have a wonderful day and may this Christmas bring you all the joy and happiness in the world! x